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The Z Squadron

I’m a filmmaker by day but also a children’s book author by night… or something like that. I’ve written a number of novels that are all currently gathering digital dust, apart from one, The Z Squadron. This is the one that I’ve hit the launch button on. I started writing and building the world of The Z Squadron in January 2013. In 2019 I decided to commit fully to getting it published, either by publisher or self-publishing. 

You can keep up to date and find out about the children’s book at jbbedford.com

The Z Squadron – Iron Claw’s Tunic

Ceizures_Alley Z squadron

In the first Z Squadron book, Lone must lead a squadron of misfit military cadets on an epic mission to steal Iron Claw’s legendary Tunic. 

Sparta, Greece, a few thousand years ago, when myths, beasts, and heroes ruled the land. LONE is a 12-year-old cadet in The Agoge, the legendary school for Spartan warriors. The next four days will change his life forever. He’s just got a bad forecast from the tricky oracle Baahdnewtz, in 3 days a blank gravestone with nothing but his name on it. Worse still, it’s the final year Passing In Trials where the WEAK squadrons perish and the GREAT flourish. Worser still, Sergeant Aristhrotle has made him squadron leader of a bunch of leftover misfits that none of the other squadrons want. 

The newly formed Z Squadron set off on the trials, on a mission that will either kill or make heroes out of them. The Twidget’s ticking and only the oracle’s know what lies at the end of it…

The Z Squadron – Iron Claw’s Tunic, is the first in a series of offbeat, high-concept, fiction children’s books aimed at Middle Grade 8-12-year-olds.

You can find all about the children’s book at jbbedford.com or keep up to date via Instagram