z squadron stella rose

The Z Squadron – Iron Claw’s Tunic, is the first in a series of offbeat, high-concept, fiction children’s books aimed at Middle Grade 8-12-year-olds. 

.The lay of the Land

Long ago, in the time of myths and legends, when strange beasts dwelled and sensible people wished that hadn’t been born, a glowing THING came rocketing out of the Earth’s skies. 

The THING was big, at least thirty chariots in diameter and was either round and flat like a disc or triangular like a pyramid, depending on where you were when it appeared. It appeared in a flash, high in the sky, then exploded. 


A shockingly loud BANG it was, sending shockwaves through the seas, lands and skies.

The exploded THING shot eight elephant-sized balls of fire, hurtling across The Earth in different directions. Each ball left a fat trail of smoke, that lingered in the sky for quite a long time. Someone, somewhere, likened it to a flower sowing its seeds.  Whether this is correct or not it’s a good way to visualize it. 

Eventually, one by one, these fiery balls came crashing down into the ground. They must have been going some, as they plowed through the earth, leaving huge smoldering craters, that scarred The Earth forever. The map opposite gives a rough indication of where each hit.

From the depths of these craters emerged eight monstrous creatures. Part human, part beast, part something never seen before. Each different, but each terrifying in its own way. Most of the humans, not knowing what to do, ran around with their arms in the air screaming very loudly. A small bunch tried to fight but the runners and screamers took the vote and hailed the creatures as gods.

Eight new Kingdoms were born, with eight new rulers at the thrown. The world was never the same again.


 A century later.  On the wild and skittish island of Atlantis, a girl with a hundred dagger stare stands, holding her breath, waiting for the news.

That girl is me. Madelena Theresa Su,  better know as Madtsu,  It’s a strong name, and it sums me up pretty well because I’m mad. Not mad bonkers but mad furious. And the hundred dagger stare thing, isn’t a superpower or anything, it’s just how I look sometimes. Fearsome.

I like that. Makes me feel a bit safer.

Anyhow, I haven’t slept a wink, my brain hasn’t let me, it’s totally fried. Way too much at stake for sleep.  You see, I’ve got three days to save my brother from Atlas. The god who can single-handedly slay a whole army by just looking at them. That guy.  I’m going to do it, I’ve been training my whole life for it, I  just haven’t figured out how yet. But when I do he’s gonna know all about Madtsu and I pity him.

For more information on this soon to be released children’s book go to jbbedford.com